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The sections below combine photos, mobile tracking, and activity data to summarize our recent travels. Each map contains a few different things:

  • A heatmap shows where we were.
  • Lines are routes we took. Flights are red, trains are green, and drives are black.
  • Red camera icons are geotagged photos.
  • Big red or green circles are clusters of photos taken close together.
  • Small green circles are hikes we went on.
  • Small black circles summarize ski days at a particular resort.
  • A menu in the top right corner lets you control which of these are shown.

If you’re more interested in the big picture, there’s also a composite version.

Spring 2020

Seb hiked a long way, then went skiing. When he ran out of snow, we went to find more.

Winter 2019

After driving around Morocco, we joined Mike™ on an Alpine expedition for spaghetti carbonara.

Fall 2019

We looked at several very old buildings in Europe.

Summer 2019

We took the scenic route back to the Bay Area.